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Start of cooperation and valuation of real estate

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Each property is unique

When we start working together, first and foremost we need to determine the actual value of the property you want to sell. This will allow us to develop following strategies for maximising price or speed of sales and to avoid a situation where your expectations and market trends deviate.

It is worth realizing that every property is unique and its value is influenced by many factors, among which the most important are its location, area, equipment, technical condition and legal status. However, these are not the only factors, both buyers and sellers have their tastes and preferences, so the value of the property we provide should be treated as purely indicative.

When valuing your property, we take into account economic and social trends, legal regulations, environmental conditions, everything that affects the four components of your value:

  • Demand – that is, the need for possession. It must be supported by sufficient financial resources to meet this need,
  • utility – the ability of the property to meet the needs and desires of future owners,
  • rarity – the number of competitive, comparable real estates available on the market,
  • transferability – ease of transfer of ownership.

It should also be remembered that the value of the property is not the same as its cost or price. The cost is the expense incurred, e. g. for building materials and work, while the price is the amount someone is willing to pay for the property. Therefore, while cost and price influence value, they do not determine value.

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