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Preparation of real estate for sale

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The first 11 seconds are critical

Selling or renting a flat or a house is like getting to know another person – at the very beginning, we instinctively create the first impression, emotions, and evaluation. It is during the first 11 seconds that we decide for YES or NO. This decision can be influenced by the right home branding.

You as the owner of the property play a key role in the entire sales process. However, it may turn out that you simply do not have the necessary expertise or resources to get the best price on the market. Then the help comes from a qualified advisor of White Wood Real Estate, who will advise on what to do as part of the previously developed sales strategy.

In some cases, it may be necessary to renovate the property. The repair services offered by our partner companies include comprehensive services ranging from cleaning, painting, modernization of electrical and hydraulic systems to ventilation, air conditioning and locksmithing. We specialize in complete house renovations.

However, these are only exceptional cases. Usually, preparing a property for sale requires just a proper visage – the so-called Home Staging. Barbara Schwarz, the world’s pioneer of home staging, shows in her research that it allows her to shorten the time of real estate sales by as much as 40 percent, and the purchase price offered is rising on average by 10 percent.

Treat your property as a high-end item in a renowned boutique. The first thing you need is the packaging. What should it be?

How do I do Home Staging?

Impress with space, play with the effect of harmony

  • Review the technical condition of your property,
  • Customers pay attention even to the state of taps or light bulbs,
  • Repair jammed doors, windows or cabinets,
  • Think about painting the apartment in a neutral color, because everyone has different tastes.

Your property will sell unique details

  • Clean up in wardrobes and cabinets – prospective customers are likely to check out there
  • Order and tidiness influence the overall impression
  • Remember that depersonalization is extremely important
  • If possible, try to pack all your personal belongings and family photos. Personal items distract people while they are looking at the property

Make sure that your apartment is thoroughly cleaned and your personal belongings are hidden. If there is a spectacular illumination in the rooms, it is essential to switch it on. Shutters and curtains should let in as much light as possible. Remember also about accessories that will give the space the right taste, style, and warmth that a potential customer is looking for. A bouquet of fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit can dramatically change the character of the room.

Kitchen – aesthetics matters

The table and top should be empty and perfectly clean. A plate with fresh fruits is very welcome – it will add color. Display an excellent coffee maker, kettle or other equipment. Stains and clutter – you have to get rid of them.

Children's room – a paradise for the youngest customer

If your family also consists of young kids, make sure your children’s room looks fairytale. Put the toys together in a colorful way and hide unnecessary objects. Let a small client fall in love with this place from the first glance.

Bedroom – Build the right climate

Cover the bed, preferably with a single-color blanket. Put on several matching pillows. Night cabinets should be empty, candles, book, or a bouquet of flowers should be placed on them. Cover all clothes and other decorations. Remember also about fresh bedding.

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