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Sales management and promotion of the offer

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Promotion of your property

As part of our sales strategy, we will use established methods to promote your property. The view plays a critical role here – the property, previously prepared with Home Staging techniques, is a place to prepare a professional photo shoot.

The quality of the images has a significant impact on the success of the entire offer: the browsing stage is the moment when a potential customer first comes into contact with your property. If necessary, we will even prepare spherical pictures (360°) and bird’s eye shots from the drone’s camera.

A properly prepared offer will appear in all popular portals of the real estate market. As part of the extended promotion techniques, we will take care of the offer in search results and social media. Of course, it will also find its place among the proposals presented to our clients interested in acquiring real estate. All of this is to make the first meeting with the potential buyer as soon as possible.

How do I prepare for my first customer meeting?

Time of the meeting – it is essential to adapt to the customers’ possibilities, not the other way round. Don’t schedule a presentation when you are in a hurry or have guests. All this can potentially distract your customers.

Let the presented rooms have as much sun and light as possible. If you greet your customers during the day – open curtains, let them see the value of your apartment.

When the property is presented in the evening, build the right mood, turn on all lights and lamps. They add color and warmth, create a comforting effect.

It’s also imperative that you be committed to the presentation when you are here, forget that the apartment still belongs to you.

Your openness and the positive attitude can sell your property. Create an atmosphere of comfort for viewers, relax and be hospitable. But don’t try to force your guests to talk.

If your pets live in your house, let them go for a walk during the presentation.

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